Magnetic Hidden Anger Issues No Face Inspired Plush

Magnetic Hidden Anger Issues No Face Inspired Plush

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Sen? SEN?!?! Has anyone seen Sen? This little cuddly dude seems pretty intent on finding her, and we'd rather not get on his bad side.

Carefully arranged magnets inside No Face's mask and body allow you to swap his mask between multiple positions, either revealing his gnarly gnashing mouth, or hiding it behind a cute and friendly facade. Magnets by his hands allow him to hold on to and offer up multiple gifts in his growing efforts to entice that pesky Sen. A gold nugget, a bath token, and even his love are part of a three piece offering set.

Standing six inches tall, 3.5 inches wide, and 3 inches deep, he may be a bit smaller than the looming spirit we all know, love, and sometimes fear, but he's still harbouring some hidden anger issues. Stuffed with premium poly-fibre fill, he's equal parts cuddly as he is sturdy. High quality minky means that even in his crankiest state he'll be an ideal cuddle buddy.

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