About Me

After being stricken with a life-changing illness I had to drop everything and focus on my health. That meant goodbye to my dreams of becoming a veterinarian, goodbye to a physically active lifestyle, and goodbye to the normal I once knew.

I traded in my sutures for stitches as I sewed my way through a slow recovery. Starting with nothing more than a needle and thread I hand-sewed small plush keepsakes for my friends and family. Eventually I had people requesting their own. I invested in a sewing machine with my profits, then an embroidery machine. My plush became bigger, more complex, and cuddlier. I'm still learning and growing with every stitch. I'd love for you to join me along the way!

Now I work from my home studio making cute and cuddly creations, supervised by my two house-rabbits & toy poodle who always keep an eye on me while awaiting veggie & treat breaks. You can find my work online, at shops throughout the Halifax Regional Municipality, and at conventions all year round.