Unlike many artists I do not have a strict pricing list. Pricing varies based upon detail, materials, size, & timeline. I like to try to find a compromise between my ideal design & the requested budget. This is done through a series of mock-ups with features listed that can be upgraded & downgraded to be tailored to the desired price-point.

The Nitty Gritty

-A 50% non-refundable deposit is required before any work is started for plush over $50CAD, For plush $50CAD or less, balance must be paid in full before work begins.

-A smaller deposit to hold your slot is an option, but work will not start until 50% has been paid. Payment plans are available pending my approval.

-Remainder of balance + shipping is to be paid upon completion & approval. I am willing to make adjustments within reason. I withhold the right to refuse adjustments due to artistic vision, or only approve changes at an extra charge (substantial extra time/material).

-Any shipping tier chosen without tracking or insurance is not my responsibility once it leaves my hands. For this reason & security I will highly recommend tracked shipping.

-Commissioner must use proper name for shipping & not a handle. Often post offices turn away parcels with improper name without attempting delivery.

-Any return to sender fees & secondary mail out fees will be the responsibility of the commissioner unless it is an error on my part (mistyped address).

-I am willing to hold a finished plush up to 2 months after the plush has been approved. If you do not make arrangements with me to pay the remainder & ship/pick-up the plush within that period or arrange an extension for payment/holding, your deposit & plush will be forfeited. I want you to have your plush as much as you do, but I am not equipped to store plush indefinitely

So you’ve made it through all that. Now, how to Request a quote

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